Meet the Team

``The Brains``

He's the brains behind the operation

``The Dough``

Brings the bankroll

``The Smart Aleck``

Doesn't know when to stop running his mouth

``The Kid``

The inspiration for all of us

Porsche on Mid Ohio sportscar course

Life-long car enthusiasts, turned track addicts.  We’ve turned +1500 laps in the last 2 years alone.  We’ve run with national clubs and independents.  The one consistent theme is the amateur sport is stuck in the analog era, but we’re going to change that.

We watched and observed other drivers prepare for their track day, for their run-group’s time on track, and how they managed their time in between.  Drivers are setting 4-5 different alarms on their phones as an advanced reminder of their time slot on track.


From having to read and reread the schedule several times looking for their run groups and having to look through everyone else’s time slots, it can create pressure, especially when you’re trying to anticipate your next time on track.  There’s a lot of information to quickly try and filter.


If there’s an on-track incident, it all goes out the window and you’re left calculating the new schedule in your head – ok, it was the old schedule +10 mins, because something happened on track and I couldn’t hear the PA system announcement over the track noise.


We spoke with Drivers about the prospects of an app replacing their paper schedules.  Resoundingly, they said “yes“.  Then next question was “when?”  We knew we were on to something.


Schedules, reminders, alarms, and notifications are day 1 features, but there’s so much more to make the experience better.  We have ideas for the next several releases, but the customer should drive the experience.  That’s why we want to hear from you.  Drop us a line: here