Club Tutorials

Getting Started

Overwhelmed? No problem, we have you covered.  Below is an overview of the platform’s features.  Clicking on each link will show you the steps, through a series of tutorial videos.


Start your Engines

  1. Creating your Club Account
  2. Initial Login – Admin Approval
  3. Complete your Club Profile
  4. Invite Co-Admins
  5. Receive notifications for pending registrations


Setup required before your first event

  1. Define Run Groups
  2. Define Black Flag Reasons


Prep your Event

  1. Create your event
    1. Add track/facility map
    2. Decide single or multi-day event
    3. Save!
  2. Create your schedule (for each day)
    1. Add an activity
    2. Update/edit an activity
    3. Delete an activity
    4. Save!
  3. Load your Drivers and Instructors
    1. Add a single driver
    2. Add drivers through import
      1. view failed import records
    3. Instructor Assignment (Requires Instructors to be pre-approved)
    4. Save!
  4. Activate your Event (publishes for drivers to view/register event in TSS App)


Advertise TSS to your Club & Invite Drivers

  1. See email template.  Modify as necessary.


Manage Driver Registrations

  1. Manage Requests
  2. View Driver History & Feedback
  3. Approve Driver & Set Run Group


Executing your Event

  1. Dealing with Schedule Changes with QuickFlows™
    1. Delay next session start, but preserve session lengths: Flexible end time
    2. Delay next session start, but shorten session lengths: Fixed end time
  2. Combining Run Groups: Edit through Manage Event
  3. Black Flag Station
    1. Report Flags
    2. View Flags

Utilize Messaging Features

  1. Email
  2. Push Notification (preferred)
  3. Text (coming soon)


Post Event

  1. Submit Driver Ratings/Feedback
  2. Survey Drivers/Instructors via Messaging