Software to manage your
event registration, event schedule, event communication, driver ratings, instructor vetting

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Motorsport organizations who have a desire to drive engagement and loyalty, and improve the track event experience for drivers and riders, use Track Side Schedule.

Easy to use web portal and native apps

  • Free for Club Organizations to use for their events
  • Designed by a track enthusiast with an IT background, with input from a variety of Club organizers
  • Built-in schedule builder for track event (and non-track) activities.
  • Crisp interface – the portal is intuitive, simple, and easy to use.
  • See something that can be improved?  Tell us!

Solve the club / participant communication challenge

“I couldn’t hear the PA system announcement over the track noise.”  “There was an update to the schedule.”  Important announcements that are made to the event participants are can also be difficult to hear.  Clubs can now message drivers directly and clearly, through push notifications.

Promote Learning

After a long weekend, instructors, like the participants are tired, have to make a long drive home.  They either forget, lack time or motivation, to sign in to their computer and a login to a website to leave feedback for their student.  With days removed from the event, they may not remember some of the detailed coaching that would be valuable.


We remove those barriers and include the feedback process within the app and the web portal.  There’s a straight-forward driver feedback rating system, and notes can be left throughout the event using voice dictation.  All of this information is available to the Club to inform decision making.

Streamline your processes and eliminate fees

Simplify the day and give your track marshal a single portal to execute the schedule and communicate with participants.  There are no SMS texting fees with the native app.


Digital, dynamic schedules

If there’s an on-track incident, the schedule of activities can quickly become stale.  Drivers are left to calculate the new schedule in their heads. “Ok, it is the old schedule +10 mins, because “something” happened on track.

With an app based, digital schedule, schedules remain current.  Screens can be filtered to present your schedule, your sessions, your reminders, so that you can focus on the track experience and not worry about time management.

Feature Rich Offerings

Secure Payments

Any participant payments are made securely through Google Pay and Apple App stores, guaranteeing PCI compliance.

Configure to Fit Your Needs

Choose our out of the box event template, or customize your run groups, group colors, and event format.


Contact your participants in a variety of ways including SMS, email, and push notifications through the native app.

Digital Event Management

Long gone are spreasheets, PDFs, and reams of paper. Your event is 100% digital. Schedules are never stale; always realtime.**

Reminder Alarms

Never late to grid. Set an alarm 5, 10, or 15 mins in advance of your scheduled activity to make you're track ready.


Send SMS, email, or push notifications (through native app) to notify participants of track delays, schedule changes, or run-group consolidations.

Motorsports Only

We help you plan and execute motorsport events only. We don't do 5ks or marathons. Well, at least not now.

Feedback and Surveys

Provide & receive participant feedback through the admin portal or app. Use the email function to send event surveys.

Driver History

View and review driver performance across different events to ensure correct placement based on feedback and skill advancement.

** While we’re good, we’re not magicians.  A local track organizer can make updates to the schedule, as circumstances unfold at the event.
The intuitive web design makes the process easy.  If you have any questions about how this works, just ask us.


Track Side Schedule’s TrackOps™ is the engine powering the Club portal.  For a preview of what’s in store, click on the video below.

Additional Functionality

Import or Invite Drivers and Instructors

You can import a list of drivers and instructors and pre-enroll partipants, and use the information to send an email blast or SMS message to invite drivers to register for the app & event

Event History

See your attendee event history, instructor feedback, and speed placement of drivers into the correct run-group.

Get Organized

Register your club, create the event, schedule the track activities, assign drivers to run-groups, map run-groups to activities & schedules

Custom Driver View

Configure your view, see only your schedule.  Opt-in to receive alerts and notifications specific to your schedule.

What Are You Waiting For?

Get the most of your motorsport event, and drive attendee engagement.